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We offer technological equipment and materials for scientific research and production in the area of electronics and other fields.

  • Different kinds of furnaces;
  • Thick film screen printers;
  • Ink jet printers;
  • Saws for ceramics, silikon, glass;
  • Wire bonders;
  • Die bonders;
  • Laboratory mixers;
  • Video microscopes;
  • For LTCC technology;
  • For thick film photoimagible pastes;
  • For photolithography;
  • For nanoimprint;
  • For wafer bonding;
  • For inspection;
  • For electron beam lithography;
  • For ion beam lithography;
  • Others;
  • Ceramic substrates;
  • Wire for microassembly;
  • Tools for wire bonders;

(1) Photo thanks to EVG. (2) Photo thanks to dr Szczepański. (3) Photo thanks to Faldruk.