Dicing Services

The English company Loadpoint  is not only a manufacturer of precise dicing saws, but also offers cutting services.
New clean room, featuring 3 state of the art NanoAce machines and 2 MacroAce machines, has increased Loadpoint’s dicing capability, performance, availability and turnaround time.
We appreciate you may have your own dicing capabilities, but we do offer dicing services for research, small batches and testing purposes for other customers.
Loadpoint’s optimized dicing services allow to cut a wide range of materials:
• Silicon/Semiconductors/PZT/Ceramics/Sapphire/Precious Stones/Glass/Silica/SiC/FR4/Metals/Magnets
A wider range of materials diced to the following capabilities:
• 0.2mm to 55mm thick
• Up to 12”/305mm diameter
Industry leading tolerances of:
• Up to an accuracy of +/- 20 Microns
• Minimised Kerf
• Maximised Yield