Learn how to achieve versatile results faster, cleaner, cheaper and more reliable than ever before – New Raith nanoFIB Whitepaper available!

Raith’s nanoFIB column  is the heart of the FIB-centric FIB-SEM system VELION.  The proprietary source and column technology advances FIB to the performance level of a lithography tool and truly defines a new state of the art in FIB technology.

In a newly released whitepaper  you can now learn, how to utilize Raith’s nanoFIB column with its long-term stable ion beam current at lowest position drift and lowest beam tails to advance FIB nanofabrication to the level of a lithography system.
Unique column design and technology
The uniquesness of the nanoFIB column lies in its design and technology which was developed with a true focus on nanofabrication. Besides enabling different patterning techniques such as milling, implantation, gas assisted deposition and more, it ensures the critical requirements
Long-term stability,
placement accuracy,
high resolution,
automation, and versatility.

FIB nanofabrication beyond gallium
On top of that the unique IONselect technology  enhances the nanoFIB column to employ new ion species beyond gallium. With a liquid metal ion source and a ExB filter, easy and fast switiching between different ion species becomes possible, opening up a whole new world of opportunities in focused ion beam nanofabrication.

A new whitepaper is now available which explains the principle and possibilities of and with the nanoFIB column. It describes the technology of the nanoFIB and how it enables you to achieve cutting-edge application results.
Download the Whitepaper now  to explore the huge potential of next-generation research instrumentation in nanoscale science and how it can help you to achieve versatile results faster, cleaner, chaepaer and more reliable than ever before!