Tresky offers die bonding prototyping and small series production

In the prototyping phase and when producing small series or batch size 1, many companies shy away from investing in their own Die-Bonder. Often, the final design process has not yet been completed, so downstream changes to the product or even to the manufacturing processes may be necessary. Therefore, the Die-Bonder manufacturer Tresky GmbH from Berlin now offers contract manufacturing of prototypes and small series.
Investments are not always made based on the respective project and development status. At the same time, many customers want to be able to produce the prototypes and small series as quickly as possible and without any loss of quality. In these cases, they rely on service providers who can take over the production of the sensitive electronic components with extensive experience and detailed knowledge. Thanks to technical know-how and many years of experience, Tresky Automation produces prototypes and small series from the first element on their own devices for their customers. Since they can also implement all the necessary processes in their demonstration center, their customers have a full production spectrum at their disposal.In addition to epoxy/adhesive DIE bonding, Tresky offers UV DIE bonding, ultrasonic bonding (US bonding), thermocompression bonding (TC bonding), sintering, DIE stacking, flip chip bonding, DIE sorting and eutectic bonding as a service process.

Especially in a time of high demand for components, the use of these services can be crucial for component manufacturers. That’s why Tresky helps its customers reduce time-to-market with its range of services. As an external partner, the company can also quickly produce small series on demand. On the customer’s side, it is therefore not necessary to build up additional production capacities, to use existing resources or even to interrupt series production. Customers get the products they need and can also use the manufacturing process to test the performance of Tresky Automation equipment. In addition, Tresky Automation can demonstrate their reliable process capabilities. In this way, customers receive an individual demonstration, including a production record, which can also make it easier to decide on a machine for subsequent series production.