Wire bonding – one technology – countless possibilities.

In all the years in the bonding industry, we have received all sorts of requests for especially demanding applications. We are always happy to implement these according to the customer’s requirements. Today we would like to show to you some of our special cases.


The Straight-up-wire feature can be implemented in our Series 56i and Series 58 machines, which offer a variety of special use cases.
For example, the straight-up wires can overcome height differences in board designs, which increases connection possibilities.
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Customized winding technology
Depending on the application, it may be necessary to do certain complicated loop geometries. This can even go to the winding of a coil.
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Repair bonding of automotive devices
Wire bonding is used in many processes in the automotive industry. Thanks to the flexibility of our wire bonders, repairs of electronic components, for example, are also no problem.


Battery bonding in action
In a bondability test, we were able to test the latest findings for even better durability of bonds on battery cells (21700) on the Series 86. You can see the results for yourself in this short video.
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