EV Group Advances Leadership in Optical Lithography with Next-Generation EVG150 Resist Processing Platform

Redesigned 200-mm platform increases module capacity for higher throughput, improves architecture for reduced tool footprint all while maintaining industry-leading capabilities of previous-generation platform
The redesigned EVG150 platform includes advanced features and enhancements that provide even greater throughput (by up to 80 percent) and versatility, as well as smaller tool footprint (by nearly 50 percent), compared to the previous-generation platform. The EVG150 provides reliable and high-quality coating and developing processes in a universal platform that supports a variety of devices and applications, including advanced packaging, MEMS, radio frequency (RF), 3D sensing, power electronics, and photonics. Its high throughput, flexibility and repeatability support the most demanding needs for both high-volume production and industrial development.
Universal platform provides unprecedented flexibility
The next-generation EVG150 for 200-mm substrates maintains the industry-leading capabilities of the previous-generation platform, including: fully automated platform with customizable module configurations for spin and spray coating, developing, bake and chill; EVG’s proprietary OmniSpray® technology for conformal coating of extreme topographies; sophisticated and field-proven robot handling with dual end effector capability to ensure continuous high throughput; and wafer-edge, bowed, warped and thin-wafer handling.

New features on the next-generation EVG150 200-mm platform include:
• Up to four wet processing module spaces and up to 20 bake/chill units, enabling the processing of many more wafers simultaneously
• Singulated coat chambers, providing complete isolation of modules and virtual elimination of cross-contamination between modules
• Further redesign of modules to enable easy access to individual chambers from outside of the tool, minimizing downtime and allowing for continued tool operation when conducting chamber maintenance
• Repositioning of chambers within the platform to enable easy access to robotic handling unit to facilitate maintenance
• Image-based pre-aligner to enable on-the-fly wafer centering for faster processing
• Integration of resist and chemistry lines inside the system, reducing external cabinet space for chemistry storage and reducing tool footprint
• Integration of user interface inside the system, further reducing tool footprint