HP 603 LTCC Sintering Press


Sintering Press for LTCC substrates

Low Power consumption 4kW @ 1000°C

Zero % LTCC X/Y shrinkage

Heating Rate: < 70min. to 1000°C (empty chamber)

Cooling Rate: < 90min. from 1000°C to 100°C (empty chamber)

Control range:

  • 250°C ? 1 100°C, under vacuum up to max. 1 000°C
  • Accuracy < ?0,5°C > 350°C

Pressure up to 50kN

  • 100N controlled resolution
  • 500N minimal pressure force

PLC based 100 step recipe program

Pneumatic driven Press assembly

In-Situ measurement for inclination angle

In-Situ shrinkage monitoring