HRX-01- Digital microscope 3D


Digital microscope 3D the latest generation for observation and measurements

High-resolution 5-megapixel CMOS sensor

Real-time observation 50 frames / sec

Compatible with 4K PCs – no need for ?all-in-one systems?! Running on 4K windows PC, you can choose your favourite software features for your samples, create and save customised settings. 

Live HDR & Automatic Optimisation – unique image quality thanks to HDR Live. The HRX-01 artificial intelligence automatically select the optimal observation settings according to the observation scene and object.

Advanced Lighting – Additional external lighting controlled by the software such as the newly developed dual side lighting option for the highest  observation flexibility.

New Motorised Lenses. All lenses now are fully motorized ? including zoom, turret & lighting ? for faster and easier sample observation!

Intelligent magnetic adapters with RFID chips reduce human error, save time and make microscopy fun! 

The telecentric Ultra High Resolution motorised zoom Lens provides high precision 3D reconstruction even at low magnification with no distortion.

All in One High Precision Stand –  Hirox created a completely new inclination stand featuring multiple integrated sensors with high precision 80 mm motorized Z axis.

Multiple XY stages options: from 50x50mm up to 1000x1000mm
for automatic XYZ acquisition, including extra large 3D stitching!

New built-in transmitted illumination, increasing the observation capabilities, as well as antivibration feet for improved stability.