RH-2000 – Digital microscope 3D


Hirox Full HD 3D Digital Microscope System is the system for contactless 2D& 3D observation with XYZ measurement function and 3D profilling.

– Next Generation CMOS 2.3 MPixel Captor (1920×1200 pixels)

– 69,69 MPixels Images Recording

– Full HD video recording, 50 fps frame rate

– High Intensity LED light source with more than 30 000 hours life time and high stability

– Integrated Z-axis control

– The smallest step in Z axis:  50nm

– 2D measurement software with Statistics and Auto Particle Counting

– 3D measurement software with Auto Multifocus, One-Click-3D Profiling and Roughness measurements (Ra, Rz)

– Angle and Radius Measurement on the 3D Profile

– Real time 2D & 3D stitching up to 225 Million Pixels

– Multi Screen / comparison function with calibration information in multi screen

– High Speed Auto Focus: double click on the area of interest

– Super High Dynamic Range Function (S-HDR)

– High-Contrast , Anti-Halation and Anti-Vibration Functions

– Auto Calibration Select System (ACS) compatible for Automatic Lens & Magnification recognition

– Calibration Data Security and User Management with Password

– Custom Menu and History of the last Functions

– Data report export to Excel or equivalent

– Compatible with all the Hirox MXB lenses: 1x ? 10,000x

– Nondestructive testing: contact or contactless inspection of any object of any size, the lens can be connected with big stage. 

– big working distance (up to 135mm with small magnification adapter)
– big depth of view

– capability of various lenses and adapters mounting

– 360 ° rotation arround the object using unique Hirox rotary head

– various stages (with manual or motorised movement)

– various tables (also with transmission light) 

– various kinds of lighting: side, coaxial, ring, mixed