ELPHY ? the easiest and most economical access to professional nanolithography and nanofabrication. 

Raith offers the ELPHY product family, a nanolithography upgrade kit, that enables scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), focused ion beam microscopes (FIBs), helium ion microscopes (HIMs), or combined systems (FIB-SEMs) to deliver professional nanolithography applications.


This spectrum of solutions begins with ELPHY Quantum, the most widely distributed Raith SEM/FIB attachment in the market. The entire range of processes (CAD layout and processing, control of   exposure parameters, remote control of each microscope etc.) is   integrated within a single user interface, the Raith NanoSuite. The specially developed hardware is supplied on Windows-based PCs.


ELPHY Plus was developed for more demanding applications or on field-emission SEMs with higher current density and in connection with a Laser Interferometer Controlled Sample Stage. A well-engineered and fast pattern generator hardware delivers the required performance.


Raith has set new standards in the market for nanolithographic solutions (?Attachments?) with ELPHY MultiBeam. The ELPHY MultiBeam combines the latest technology for three-dimensional IBL and other 3D nanofabrication techniques with the very best EBL performance, and helps to exploit the full nanofabrication potential of any FIB-SEM or FIB system.