Diffusion tube furnace BDF 41





Diffusion tube furnace BDF 41 with 4 tubes for silicon substrates with a diameter of: 100 to 200 mm
Proven reliability, state-of-the-art thermal technology, precision loading, superior, throughput performance, reduced cost-of-ownership.
Standard Configuration below (options are available).
Supervisory Software: APEX
Tube-independent, furnace controls
Load station: Horizontal Laminar Flow (Class 10)
Temperature range: 400C to 1325C; 5 Zone Elements with 1m Flat Zone; Spike & Profile TC Control with +/-0.5 degree control and auto profiling capability.
Exhaust: Scavenger (Individual), Furnace (Water-Cooled) and Source Cabinet (General)
Source Cabinet: L-Shaped Layout with Separate Tube Foyer and Gases;
Vertically-Mounted Gas Panels