P series screen printers


The P-series of screen printers are designed for diverse (precise) screen printing applications in electronics production such as: LTCC, HTCC, MLCC, hybrid circuits, sensors, photovoltaics, etc.. There are three models in two sizes available, based on a similar mechanical design. A wide range of options are available to meet the specific requirements for the application, squeegee holders, stencil tooling, special vacuum tables for via fill and custom substrates or components.

Base Model (B)

  • Affordable machine for general screen printing applications
  • AC motor drive squeegee
  • Manual screen or printing table alignment by micrometer screws
  • Automatic snap off settings
  • PLC control
  • Simplified construction

Standard Model (S)

  • For more demanding applications
  • Servo motor driven squeegee, programmable strokes
  • Manual screen or printing alignment
  • Automatic snap off settings
  • Two CCD cameras
  • Cross line software for easy alignment
  • Touch screen HMI
  • Via filling tool optional

Advanced Model (A)

  • For most demanding applications
  • Automatic printing table alignment by a PC based vision system
  • Quick screen alignment and fixing
  • Joystick printing table control for manual operation (option)
  • All parameters programmable via touch screen