The 53XX series are manual wire bonders. 

– 5310 manual wire bonder for ball ?wedge connections, 17.5-50 um thickness of gold wire;

– 5330 manual wire bonder for wedge-wedge connections, 17.5-75 um thickness of gold or aluminum wire;

– 5350 manual bonder for wedge-wedge connections, 100-500 um thickness of  aluminum wire;

– 53XX-BDA ? wire bonder with a universal head that allows to use two connection processes: as a ball bonder or a Deep Access wedge-wedge bonder It is a bonder for thin gold or aluminum wire and tape. Motorized Y-axis movement is also possible. Perfect for research work in laboratories, making prototypes, but also production series and repairing connections, where high quality and a limited budget are required.