Series 56i – Fully automatic bonding with manual part feeding universal devices – making wire connections and testing in one device, as well as interchangeable bondheads for all wirebond and testing process, with it, it is possible to switch between different applications within minutes.
Unbeatable flexibility
Extremely adaptable bond settings, loop shapes, force and power profiles etc.
Store an unlimited number of bond programs
Most powerful pattern recognition system on the market
Innovative and intuitive programmable software
6 in 1, all 56i series machines are based on one platform. This means they can be used in a modular way by replacing the heads for all bonding processes: from thin wire to thick wire, ribbon to thick ribbon; technology of wedge-wedge, ball and deep-access connections.
The series includes:
– 5610i ? Gold-Ball
Gold-Ball bonding for wires from 12 to 50 ?m using standard capillaries 16 mm to 19 mm
5630i ? Thin Wire Wedge-Wedge
Wegde-wedge bonding using 1? tools for aluminum and gold wirdes from 12 to 75 ?m strength
45° wire guide. convertible to 30° or 60° ? depending on compontent geometry
5632i ? Thin Wire Deep Access
Deep Access Wegde-Wedge bonding using 1? or 3/4? tools
90° wire guide for aluminum and gold wirdes from 12 bis 75 ?m
Perfect for difficult and constricted bonding geometries
Ideally suited for aluminum and gold ribbons
5650i ? Heavy Wire
Heavy wire bonding for aluminum from 100 up to 500 ?m diameter
Heavy wire bonding for copper wire from 100 up to 300 ?m diameter
Wedge lengths of 50 up to 70 mm even for extreme bonding requirements
5650i HR ? Heavy Ribbon
Heavy Ribbon bonding for aluminum ribbons up to 2 mm width
Increased programmable bond force up to 6,000 cN, also with force and power ramps
Active ribbon guide to improve loop shaping
– 5600Ci ? Automatic Pull- & Shear Tester
Test heads with exchangeable cartridges