58xx wire bonder


58xx series

A complete high productivity tabletop wire bonders at over 1 wire per second, with maximum working area 8? x 6?.

Fully automatic wire bonding with manual parts feeding

Digital ultrasonic generator provides adjustable bond frequencies

Store an unlimited number of bond programs

Extremely adaptable bond settings, loop shapes, force and power profiles etc.

Most powerful pattern recognition system on the market

Deformation Limit Control (DLC) for real-time quality checks

Innovative software

From single bonds to complex programs.

The device fits perfectly into the medium scale of production.

Exchangeable bond heads for all wire bond processes:


Gold-Ball bonding for wires from 12,5 to 50 ?m 

Highly sensitive, contactless electronic touchdown sensor and digitally controlled, programmable bond force for delicate component surfaces

Bumping, safety-bump, stitch-on-ball


Wegde-wedge bonding for aluminum and gold wirdes from 17,5 to 75 ?m 

45° wire guide. convertible to 30° or 60° ? depending on compontent geometry


Deep Access Wedge-Wedge bonding for aluminum and gold wires from 17.5 to 75 ?m

90° wirde guide 

Perfect for difficult and constricted bonding geometries

Ideally suited for aluminum and gold ribbons


Heavy wire bonding for aluminum wire from 100 up to 500 ?m diameter

Heavy wire bonding for copper wire from 100 up to 300 ?m diameter

for power devices, currents up to 50 A

5850 HR 

Heavy Ribbon bonding for aluminum ribbons up to 2 mm width

Increased programmable bond force up to 6,000 cN