Die bonder T-5100


PC controlled Manual Die Bonder
The T-5100 is the successor of the proven and well known T-3000-M series with many features of the PRO-series. It is an universal workhorse for a wide range of micro-assembly tasks. The manual operation makes it so very flexible and adaptable to many tasks in the R&D area, and it is just as popular for small-scale and pilot production.
The extremely rigid machine, with its completely redeveloped base is compact and fits on a lab desk. It can be expanded with many different modules to cover an enormous range of applications.

Operating a Tresky die bonder/placer is intuitive. A few minutes’ training is sufficient to start working with the machine. The accuracy and repeatability of placing parts is superb thanks to a number of wellthought out features like a true, linear Z-Axis, Force Control, XY Fine Control and high-resolution optics that allow flip-chip placing down to sub-micron accuracy.

PC controlled Manual Die Bonder
Unique pick-up from wafer
The T-5100-W version features the same flexibility than the T-5100 and has the additional advantage of handling wafers, which sits below the main table with Tresky’s pneumtatic die ejection system.
The systems can run all basic functions as well as the industries most advanced applications by adding a wide range of available options. As with all of Tresky’s products, the T-5100-W incorporates True Vertical Technology™ which guarantees parallelism between chip and substrate at any bond height. Together with superior ergonomics the platform is the industry’s most sophisticated system in its class and with the new intuitive software even easier to operate.

Typical and customized Applications
Die sorting from wafer into waffle packs or gel packs
Die attach with adhesive (stamped or dispensed)
3D packaging of MEMS, MOEMS, Photonics, …
High-precision placement with visual adjustment by beam-splitter unit for look-up inspection of edges, corners or patterns, e.g. for laser bars
Flip-Chip with ultrasonic die attach
Flip-Chip with adhesives or anisotropic foils
Sensor assembly
UV curing of die attach
Eutectic bonding of AuSi, Copper Pillar and others