BAMFIT tester


BAMFIT  (Bondtec Accelerated Mechanical Fatigue Interconnection Test) is a completely new test method for estimating bond life and reliability of heavy wire wedge bonds. It is the perfect extension of the classic Power Cycling Test (PC): the cyclic stress of the wire bond due to temperature cycling is replicated by mechanical stress, but with significantly higher cycle speed. This allows PC tests, often lasting weeks or months, to be simulated within minutes.
Suitable for Al wires 100 ?m ? 500 ?m and Al ribbons up to max. 2 mm width
The revolutionary BAMFIT-test can easily be implemented on every base unit of the 56XX series by installing a dedicated test head
The software is closely related to the standard versions for bonders and testers. It is capable of fully automatic testing of any number of bonds, employing automatic adjustments by pattern recognition
Test results are recorded in a SQL data base and can be evaluated at any time in a variety of ways.