EVG105 Bake module


The stand-alone EVG?105 bake module is designed for soft- or post-exposure bake processes.

Soft bake, post-exposure bake and hard bake processes can be performed on the EVG105 bake module. Controlled baking environment assures uniform evaporation. Programmable proximity pins provide the best available control of resist hardening processes and temperature profiles. The EVG105 bake module can process up to 300 mm wafer sizes or up to four 100 mm wafers at the same time.


  • Stand-alone bake module
  • Up to 300 mm wafer size or up to four 100 mm wafers at the same time
  • Temperature uniformity ? ? 1 °C @ 100 °C, up to 250 °C bake temperature 
  • Loading pins for manual and safe wafer loading/unloading
  • Timer for bake
  • Substrate vacuum (direct contact bake)
  • N2 purge and proximity bake 0-1 mm distance wafer to heat plate optional
  • Irregular shaped substrates