EPBG5200 Plus, EPGB 5150 Plus


Shaping the future of nanofabrication

EBPG Plus offers a unique combination of automation, modularity, and performance. An intuitive user interface plus automated workflow with optional data preprocessing software helps the user to focus on achieving results instead of system handling. With many different holders available, EPBG Plus delivers uncompromised automation without restrictions for wafer or sample geometry. Furthermore, the high-resolution lithography system can be field-upgraded at any time in step with changing demands.
The EBPG Plus allows 24/7 batch mode operation with minimal operator input for consistent high output and yield.
The EBPG Plus is a high-throughput, high-resolution lithography system. To meet the varying requirements of every customer, the EBPG Plus comes in two versions, each adaptable. The EBPG5200 Plus has full 200-mm writing capability with ultimate stability, while the EBPG5150 Plus utilizes the same universal plinth platform with a 150 mm stage suitable for all R&D and compound semiconductor manufacturing applications.