SRO-706 Getter


S SRO-706 ystem can be applied for thermal as well for electrical getter processes in R&D and production line applications. The basis for the getter system is the successful SRO-706 series IR vacuum reflow oven. Common applications are sealing of packages with kovar caps or optical windows for gyroscopes, microbolometer and various MEMS sensors under high vacuum by applying thermal and/or electrical GETTER activation.


With its proven direct IR heating approach, ATV applies for the SRO-706 Getter system a top and bottom heating. The IR lamp arrays are independently monitored and controlled as 2 separate heating zones. This results that there is an excellent heating uniformity under vacuum when reaching a maximum temperature of 450°C during the Thermal getter process. When the Electrical getter process is applied a power of 20W can be achieved per package. In both cases the sensor or chip temperature remains below 100°C during the getter activation process. Optionally, a mass spectrometer can be added for residual gas analysis during the sealing process.


With the special tooling for each different package to be processed a precise package/lid alignment is achieved. Depending on the package size, a load per run can go up to 28 devices. To achieve multiple times higher throughput the getter system can be
integrated into a glove box system including several baking ovens. When using the glove box option ATV can warrant that the process can be performed in a dry and oxygen free atmosphere.