PEO 601-604 Quartz glass tube process furnaces


Fast heating, energy-saving, programmable quartz tube chamber furnace for many applications: 

LPCVD, MOCVD: Si3N4, poly Si, Si epitaxy,TEOS, LTO, p / n-doped Si
Carbon nanotubes, Si nanowires, graphene
Gas/Solid Source Diffusion
Wet / dry oxidation
SiAl/SiAu/SiMo alloying
Annealing in Nitrogen, Argon, Hydrogen, high vacuum
Post-implantation annealing, polyimide curing / sintering
LTCC firing, thick paste firing, etc.


– Loading the furnace at room temperature – heating – running the process – active cooling.

– Fast heating up to max. 100 ° C / min (batch) or 20 ° C / s (single silicon wafer).

– Rapid cooling: 1000 ° C to less than 100 ° C in less than 60 minutes.

– Maximum oven temperature 1150 ° C.

– Possible operation in various gas atmospheres (also in pure hydrogen), oxygen below 1ppm, vacuum up to 5 x 10-6 mbar.

– For silicon wafers up to 200 mm and substrates of equivalent size.